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Employment law is what we do.  A lot.

Employers are often faced with workplace unrest, employee disputes, human rights concerns, compensation & benefits inquiries, hiring and termination questions, the list goes on and on.  We can help.

Nystedt Law provides a full suite of employment law advice and human resources consulting.


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Your Outsourced HR Department

Simply want to pick up the phone and ask an HR question?  Don't just Google. Call us. 

Our clients with a workforce under 100 employees engage us to be their HR department operating behind the scenes. 

We are the HR architect, building policies, processes and offering training - designing your HR infrastructure, allowing your leaders to retain the one-on-one connection with your workforce.

Policies, Practices & Legislative Compliance

If you're lucky enough to have in-house HR resources, you or your HR team may still have questions.  We love working with our HR colleagues.

overtime | vacation | protected leaves | respectful workplace | privacy | hiring | safety | progressive discipline | performance management ...

We offer fixed fee billing for conducting employment and labour standards legislation audits, running investigations, drafting policies, building practices, workshops and training tools and legal information circulars to assist your HR team maximize your talent potential while minimizing risk to your organization.


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Navigating The Relationships With Your People

Your people are important.  We pride ourselves on helping employers navigate workplace relationships with respect and fairness, but also with a view to minimize risk.  Talk to us about:

  • Employment Contracts (that work - they are so important)  
  • Independent Contractors (are you sure they are independent?)
  • Executive Compensation
  • Disability Management
  • Human Rights & Respectful Workplace Obligations
  • Complaint Investigations
  • Termination Obligations & Severance
  • Wrongful Dismissal Litigation
  • Non-Compete & Non-Solicit Agreements
  • Privacy Obligations
  • Records Retention