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employees + help

We help employees too. 
Whether you are starting a new job or need advice after being let go,
we can guide you through a variety of workplace troubles. 

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Employment Contracts

Starting a new job?  Congratulations!  

Please talk to us about a legal review of an employment contract or offer letter before you sign. 

Don't sign yet.  We can help.


Trouble at Work?

Is your employer trying to change your job or your pay? Have you had a problem with overtime or vacation payments? Concerned about safety, discrimination or harassment in the workplace? 

Call us.  We can help. 


Termination & Severance

If you have been let go, do not sign any papers until you speak with us.  

We can help inform you of your legal rights and the employer's severance obligations.  

Don't sign yet.  We can help.